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Heirloom Tomatoes For Hot Climates


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I make no suggetions on what seeds to order.

All varieties are for sale at $2.00 per packet of about 30 seeds. Multiple orders of the same variety are put in the same pack unless otherwise requested. 
There is an additional cost of $3.00 per order for postage and handling.

I ship worldwide

All descriptions written by Chuck Wyatt

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Returned Check fee of $20.00 per check.          

  No Catalog offered.  I do not substitute varieties

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Heirloom Tomatoes
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Amish Paste - 74 days Indet. Red, reg. leaf, 8 oz. canner, good producer. Great flavor as well as super canning properties. Outstanding. Don't let the wilt gene fool you. This is a tough 'mater.
Aunt Ruby's German Green - 75-85 days - Huge, vigorous indet. plant, with reg. foliage and 12-18 ounce, light green, beefsteak type fruit; pulp is light green with bright "lime jello green" gel. Excellent flavor and texture, good slicer, or for salads. Blossom end develops a slight amber-pink tinge when ripe. THE OUTSTANDING GREEN VARIETY.
Homestead 24-F - 75 days - Indet. - reg. leaf- low growing plant bears great looking red globes. This open pollinated recent development is included here because of its flavor as well as performance. Recommended by Jeff McCormack. Good production in hot, humid conditions. This one and Super Sioux have shown outstanding heat resistance.
Manyel - 70 days - Reg. leaf, Indet.  - Super production and a superb flavor with a hint of lemon make this clear yellow, not striped or golden.  It holds on the vine for a long time and exhibits good tolerance to diseases as well. Manyel is possibly of American Indian origin and its name means "Many Moons" in an American Indian dialect.

Stupice - (65-75 days) Tall, spindly, Indet., potato leaf plant with very heavy set of 2-4 oz. deep red globes, tends toward yellow shoulders late in the season, great flavor. This is a real garden mainstay.

Super Sioux - 70-80 days - Indet. reg. leaf. Very attractive red 4-6 oz globes with excellent flavor. Did very well in extremely hot/dry weather. Outstanding!.
Tropic - 80-85 days, Indet., Reg. Leaf red, Highly recommended by Jeff Mc Cormack because of its disease resistance, particularly early blight. Did very well in hot summer.